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Because assessing which focus areas are most effective is a difficult task, it is often carried out by organizations rather than individuals, since organizations have more resources available. However, individuals have also attempted to contribute in this area. In some cases their approach differs from the approach of organizations, but in other cases they use a similar approach, but with different assumptions.

One model that takes a different approach was created by Michael Dickens. His model updates estimates of intervention cost-effectiveness using a Bayesian prior, to account for the uncertainty surrounding the estimates. Dickens’ conclusion is that forms of vegan advocacy have the largest direct effects, and also the largest effects on the long-term future.

Some less formal approaches to cause prioritization have been proposed by Thomas Mather, Dave Denkenberger, Denis Drescher, and others (Mather 2015; Denkenberger 2015; Drescher 2015).

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