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Relatively little work has been done to find promising interventions for existential risk reduction, in contrast with areas like global poverty. This may partly be because of the difficulties of identifying metrics for performance, as well as the comparative neglectedness of this focus area.

Some recommendations could be read off of the Open Philanthropy Project’s grants made in the
“Global Catastrophic Risks” focus area (Open Philanthropy Project 2016). However, these are explicitly not intended as recommendations, and there may be more effective organisations that do not receive grants; OpenPhil also sometimes makes grants with reservations about the effectiveness of organisations.

Further reading

Critch, Andrew. 2015. The 2015 x-risk ecosystem.
Outlines several of the organisations that work to reduce existential risk and offers thoughts on their room for funding. Note that the ecosystem has developed significantly since the article’s publication.

Open Philanthropy Project. 2016. Grants database.