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Givewell is a charity evaluator which recommends high impact giving opportunities which are supported by in-depth research. Givewell aims to recommend organizations that are “evidence-backed, thoroughly vetted, and underfunded”. One way in which Givewell’s research is unusual is that it is very transparent: it publishes a large amount of information relating to their evaluations online so that others can assess and criticize it. They recommend giving to global poverty charities. Givewell’s evaluation criteria are:

They have two tiers of recommendations: “Top Charities” and “Other Charities Worthy of Special Recognition”.

Currently they list the following charities as top charities:

The Open Philanthropy Project is affiliated with and spun out of GiveWell. Its mission is to find ways to give as effectively as they can and to share their findings openly so that anyone can build on their work. It focuses on more speculative interventions than GiveWell, and currently makes recommendations predominantly for the Good Ventures foundation.

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